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We get it. You want your project completed on time, with quality, and with as little risk as possible. You need a partner who is as invested in the success of the outcome as you are. This is one of the reasons we are laser-focused on developing and retaining great talent and empowering the success of everyone who works with us. How? By building on our uncompromising principles.


Always first.



We show up.


We accomplish more together.


We continue to learn, grow, and stretch.


We nurture our team, clients, communities, and environment.

Exceeding Expectations

The opportunity and privilege TNT has to work in telecom, one of the most exhilarating industries of the decade, allows us to provide great employment opportunities, have a positive impact on the industry, and invest in the communities in which we serve. Father and daughter team, Kenny and Khristy Santee, started TNT each equally driven by their passion and desire to be difference makers. They are the spirit behind the superior delivery and intentional care which sets TNT vastly apart from other organizations.


Unique Engagement

The range of contracting services we offer requires us to be agile and adaptable. This flexibility is why we build partnerships that last beyond the project. We uniquely engage in client relationships because the challenges we’ve faced – whether technical, business, or personal, we have produced a resiliency that both grounds and surges us forward.


Innovative Ingenuity

We view each day as an adventure within which to innovate the ways we work and serve. Status quo just won’t do for us. Whether it’s strategizing on service installation, researching the latest telecom technology, or partnering with organizations to create workforce development programs, we eagerly work on and welcome what’s next.

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